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Amatil Coffee Roasters


Loring Smart Roast offers industry-leading coffee roasters that have grown in popularity in New Zealand – both with those who want one and those that want their coffee roasted on one. To support this market, Maven is Loring’s NZ-based coffee roasting consultant. Our very first client was Amatil Coffee Roasters.

Throughout 2018, Amatil Coffee Roasters dedicated a team to creating a premium coffee brand for the wholesale café supply market. They invested time and resources into creating the brand, creating the coffee, and supporting it all with a skilled coffee team.

The final piece of the puzzle was perfecting the ongoing production.

At the time, Amatil Coffee Roasters had a roasting facility set up in Auckland, but they didn’t have the equipment they wanted for this new wholesale café brand. They had done their research on roasting technology and green beans, perfected their blends according to their own flavour profiles, and then committed to some robust quality control measures. Like any other coffee brand, they wanted to make sure that their product was something they were proud of and could stand behind.

We worked with Amatil Coffee Roasters to assist them in their move to a Loring. This included transitioning roast profiles, as well as working with them while they were waiting for their roaster to arrive and be installed – the high demand for Lorings has caused the lead-time to extend and we were able to help fill the gap.

“We were referred to Maven as they had the equipment we were transitioning to, and an experienced team we could trust. We worked with Maven until our Loring was installed – they are a great team who consistently delivered.”

Amatil Coffee Roasters have now installed their own Loring and expanded their roasting facility. Of course, it was sad to them go, but it was a good thing to be part of and deliver on.